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Dr. Rivera Rodas is well versed in program evaluation. She is a mixed-methods researcher with skills in data collection and analysis in both qualitative and quantitative research methods.  Dr. Rivera Rodas has a long career as a program evaluator and research scientist conducting interviews and focus groups and analyzing results with NVivo and Atlas.ti.


Some of them include:


In addition, she focuses on quantitative data collection and analysis.  She uses STATA, SPSS, R, and ArcGIS and advanced econometrics to analyze large datasets. In particular, Dr. Rivera Rodas has conducted analyses using difference-in-difference modeling, structural equation modeling, and hierarchical linear modeling to study racial and socioeconomic disparities in educational access, quality and achievement.


Dr. Rivera Rodas has also served as a peer reviewer for the evaluation sections of the Education Innovation and Research Program, Investing in Innovation (i3) Fund, National Professional Development, Race to the Top, and the Promise Neighborhood grants for the United States Department of Education.

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